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Affordable and Convenient Worship Arts and Ministry Training

Worship Arts Conservatory is your solution for affordable and convenient training. We offer training in Bible, Theology, Music, Art and Dance.


Our courses are all taught by qualified instructors who have a masters degree or higher in their area of specialty. All of our courses are college-level in content and length. Each course includes 15 weeks of training. WAC is licensed by the State of Michigan.


Our courses are only $50.00 per credit. A typical 3 credit course will cost only $150.00! Compare that to the average cost for online college courses at $200-$300 per credit. Taking an average online 3 credit course will cost you $600-$900. Even using the lower number of $600, taking a course at Worship Arts Conservatory will save you $450.00 or a savings of 75%!


All our courses are online. This means you can take the course from the convenience of your home. So, in addition to saving money on tuition you will also save money in transportation and parking.  It also means you can attend class whenever works best for your schedule. Fit the course into your busy schedule. Watch the course videos whenever it works best for you.

Winter Term Courses


Design I - 3 Credits

An introduction to the abstract elements of line, texture, shape, space, color, values and patterns. Employ basic media techniques and tools with emphasis on craftsmanship.

Digital Imagery - 3 Credits

An introduction to photography. Provides foundational instruction in digital based photographic imagery. Learn to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of composition, light, color and visual impact.


New Testament Survey - 3 Credits

A survey of the literature and interpretation of the New Testament. Attention will be given to the central themes, and the authorship, date, setting, theme, purpose, structure and general content of each book. The life of Christ, history of the church and impact of the Apostle Paul will also be highlighted.

Theology I - 3 Credits

An introduction to the doctrines of the Christian faith with an emphasis on those that are accepted by all evangelical denominations especially as evidenced by the creeds of the faith.


Introduction to Worship Dance - 3 Credits

An introduction to dance as a means of worship by examining the history, terminology and basic techniques of dance as applied to a Christian setting.


Elements of Music - 3 Credits

An introduction to the fundamentals of music: major and minor scales, key signatures, triads, and simple tonal harmony.

Choral Conducting - 3 Credits

An introduction to the basic conducting techniques with an emphasis on application in a choral setting. Master the standard beat patterns, learn to communicate cues, tempo, dynamics and mood.

Worship Band Techniques - 3 Credits

Learn how to have an effective worship rehearsal. Learn how to prepare for rehearsal, techniques for an effective rehearsal, characteristics and uses of each of the main instruments in a standard rhythm section, and characteristics of various contemporary music styles. Prerequisite: MUS-110 or approval of Music Department.

Winter Term begins in January.  New students need to apply soon so their application can be processed before classes begin. Don't miss out on our affordable and convenient ministry training. Apply today!

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