7 Ways Worship Arts Conservatory is Unique

UniqueThe Worship Arts Conservatory Summer Term is coming the week of May 24, 2015. So what makes our training unique? What sets us apart from other adult education in Detroit?

  1. Christ Centered. Our courses are focused on helping you become a better servant of Christ, not just better educated.
  2. College-Level. Our courses are equivalent in content and seat time to college courses. Although there are other opportunities for Christian adult education, very few are college-level. If you are looking for college-level education at an amazingly low price then we are one of the few choices.
  3. Inexpensive. Since we are new, our tuition is much lower than attending most colleges and since we are local, you can save on housing costs. One year of full time attendance will cost approximately $2,000. One year at the average private college costs $30,000 (before grants and scholarships.)
  4. New. Like any new organization we will be striving to prove ourselves and you will be the recipient of that fresh energy.
  5. Worship and Ministry Focused. We are the only college-level education in Worship located in Detroit. All of our programs of study are design to prepare people to serve in the local church.
  6. Performing Arts. There are very few Christian schools dedicated to the Performing Arts. Worship Arts are not just a program at Worship Arts Conservatory. They are what we do.
  7. Practical. All our programs of study are designed to prepare you for practical ministry or work. Each program requires real life experience.

Please consider whether this training is right for you. If not, help us spread the word by sharing this post with a friend.


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