7 Ways WAC is Better than Halloween

OK. Halloween is a little bit (a lot?) controversial with Christians. So, I probably shouldn’t even bring it up. Some of you are ready to collect the wood and burn me at the stake just for mentioning it. But hey, at least I got you to read this far! I never said Halloween was good – just that Worship Arts Conservatory (WAC) is better 🙂

  1. WAC is not controversial.

    You don’t have to argue about whether it has Christian or pagan roots. Our Statement of Faith (https://worshiparts.net/about/statement-of-faith/) is solidly Christian and all of our faculty are Christ followers.

  2. WAC is healthy.

    Other than the fact that kids have to walk all over the neighborhood, Halloween is definitely NOT healthy (http://visual.ly/how-much-candy-do-we-eat-halloween). On the other hand, taking WAC courses can lead to better spiritual and mental health. And, If you take the dance course it could even lead to better physical health.

  3. WAC is not scary.

    Halloween celebrates things that are scary. WAC training takes away fear. Learn the skills you need to serve God with confidence by taking one of nine upcoming courses.

  4. WAC is inexpensive.

    According to this article Americans will spend up to $350 million on pet costumes! And according to this article a family that spends money on Halloween will fork out on average $125.00! You can take a 15 week course at WAC for only $50 per credit! That’s 15 weeks of training for only $100-150!

  5. WAC can be done in your home.

    To get their candy, kids have to trot all over the neighborhood, sometimes in rain or snow. All of WAC’s courses are online. So… to get training at WAC you never have to leave the comfort of your home! No driving. No Walking. No snow. No rain.

  6. WAC doesn’t require a costume.

    For Halloween people spend enormous amounts of money on costumes. For WAC you can dress however you want because you can simply log-in online and take the course from anywhere. Anytime.  (Of course, if you like to wear costumes you can still put one on and nobody will know.)

  7. WAC changes lives.

    Halloween could make you a little heavier after you eat all that candy you bought and hid from your kids, but it won’t make much of difference in your life. The skills and knowledge you learn at WAC could change your life and even your career.

I’m sure by now you are convinced that Worship Arts Conservatory is much better than Halloween. So get started today by clicking below:

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