5 Reasons You Should Take a Course


Why would you want to attend Worship Arts Conservatory?

  1. You have a career goal to work full time in ministry or the performing or visual arts.
  2. You are serving as a volunteer in a local church but would like to become more skilled.
  3. You are looking for a place to study the performing or visual arts that is Christ-centered.
  4. You want to increase your understanding of God.
  5. You want to save money. We are very inexpensive. We are currently offering our courses for $50 per credit. That means you can take a 3 credit college-level course for only $150!

Do any of these points describe you? If not, who do you know that is looking for one of these things? Share this post with them, let us know about them or encourage them to contact us.

Courses begin in just a few weeks.  Apply now!


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