Only 2 More Weeks to Register for Courses

Winter Term Starts January 4

Courses at Worship Arts Conservatory will be starting the week of January 4. This is only a couple weeks away. Before you can sign up for a course you will need to apply to be a student. So now is the time to Apply!

Winter Term Courses

  • ART-210 Design I – 3 credit hours
  • ART-230 Digital Imagery – 3 credit hours
  • BIL-110 New Testament Survey – 3 credit hours
  • THE-210 Theology I – 3 credit hours
  • DAN-101 Introduction to Worship Dance – 3 credit hours
  • MUS-105 Elements of Music – 2 credit hours
  • MUS-230 Choral Conducting – 3 credit hours
  • WOR-220 Worship Band Techniques – 3 credit hours

Affordable and Convenient

Our courses are only $50.00 per credit. A three credit course will cost only $150.00! This is a 75% savings over the average online course ( We are truly an amazing bargain for higher education.

All of our courses are available online so that you can take them anywhere and anytime. Don’t put this off. Apply Now.

Worship Arts Conservatory offers 13 different programs of study. Check out all of our programs of study.

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