Worship Links

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This page has links to worship related websites.  Inclusion in this list does not necessarily mean Worship Arts Conservatory agrees with all content on these websites.  If you believe we are missing an important website please contact us.  One of our values is unity so websites that are overtly divisive will not be included.  The order is based upon relative popularity (as best we can determine.)

Worship Ministry Links

Worship Matters
By Bob Kauflin, director of Sovereign Grace Music.  Very Popular blogger.  Good content.  As would be expected, it includes promotion of Sovereign Grace Music.

By Christine Longhurst.  Liturgical readings: Prayers, Confessions, Affirmations, Calls to Worship, Benedictions, etc.

Austin Stone Worship
A ministry of The Austin Stone.  Sets lists and reflections on worship and ministry.

The Worship Community
Wide variety of topics and reviews.  Very active discussion forums.

Chris from Canada
By Chris Vacher, the Worship Pastor at C4 Church near Toronto.  Practical advice and resources for those in worship ministry.

My Song in the Night
By Bobby and Kristen Gilles.  Posts on Liturgical readings, songs, songwriting, worship leading and communication.

Zac Hicks
By Zac Hicks, Pastor of Worship at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Primarily theological thoughts on worship. Theology is from a reformed perspective.

David Santistevan
By David Santistevan, Worship Pastor at Allison Park Church in Pittsburgh, PA.  Writes on worship, leadership, songwriting, music, and creativity.

Sunday Magazine
Articles on various worship topics including technology, communication, worship, creativity, visual arts and leadership.

Worthily Magnify
By Jamie Brown, Director of Worship and Arts at Truro Anglican Church.  Advice and musings on worship.

Worship Ministry Catalyst
Blogs and podcasts on worship from various writers.

By Tom Lawson, instructor at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri.  Mostly theological thoughts on worship and scripture.

Worship Rehab
By Cliff Lambert, Worship Pastor at Deep Creek Baptist Church.  Practical advice and set lists for worship leaders.