Everything you need to know to become a worship dance leader

Inspired to Dance? Everything you need to know to become a worship dance leader

So you want to dance for the Lord? Intro to Worship Dance details the process of how to become a worship dance leader. Based on more than thirty years of experience in the performing arts as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, director, and producer, I’ll share my knowledge and experience to help you become a productive choreographer and dance worship leader.

Become skillful

DAN-101 Introduction to Worship Dance

An introduction to dance as a means of worship by examining the history, terminology and basic dance techniques as applied to a Christian setting.

Thursdays, 7-9 pm

Paulette gave valuable information and resources for the group to use. The greatest impact on me was when she asked us all to think of an action that was meaningful to us. I had been caring for my Mom who had passed away a few months before. My actions were "brushing hair" and "serving meals." All the participants in the class demonstrated their "action" and then Paulette put them together with a song and we all performed it in the time frame of the class. It was very meaningful.

Man with Guitar

Teach the Word with your body

What will this class do for me?

  1. Learn time management
  2. Learn to minister and teach the Word with your body
  3. Understand a dancer’s language of movement
  4. Become skillful in the use of your instrument
  5. Construct meaning and/or communicate ideas and emotions through movement.
  6. Compare, interpret, and explain purposes for which dance is created.
  7. Create new, observe, choose, and perform dance to fulfill a variety of specific purposes.
  8. Learn concepts that will allow your choreography to effectively minister
  9. Understand the scriptural foundation for your dance ministry

Guidance for Creating an Effective Worship Dance was very good! I enjoyed the hands on aspect of the breakout. Hands on is good!

Who teaches this course?

Paulette Brockington
Paulette Brockington has worked with modern dance companies, ballet companies, theatre companies & opera companies. A former Arts Educator of the Year and Michigan Heritage Award Fellow, she is an active artist-in-residence & workshop teacher; &, has choreographed and performed, receiving honors/awards for her work which led her to Japan, the UK, Sweden, Germany & Canada. She brings her experience as a dance liturgist for the Archdiocese of Detroit and talent as a choreographic mentor to WAC for this course.

Psalm 30:11


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