The Equip Seminar has been postponed due to low registration. In May we will post a new date for the Seminar.

Come develop your skills and strengthen your faith through engaging training presented by Worship Arts Conservatory. Choose from breakout sessions in Bible, worship, art, and technology.

to equip the saints for the work of ministry  Ephesians 4:12


Breath of Life Christian Church

18000 Vernier Road Suites 745 & 746, Harper Woods, MI 48225



9:30 am - Noon


Only $20.00 per person


Time Activity Location
9:15 am Registration Lobby
9:30 am Opening Session Sanctuary
9:55 am Breakout 1 Various
10:50 am Break Lobby
11:00 am Breakout 2 Various
Noon Dismissed Home 🙂


Topic Art Worship Bible
Location Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Breakout 1 Visual Art in the Sanctuary: Then and Now

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Rosie Martindale

What Is Worship? Seven Hebrew Words that Teach Us How to Worship
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Dr. Jerry Wyrick

A Song to Sing When You Are Under the Pile:  Psalm 42

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Dr. Gene Mayhew

Breakout 2 Visual Artist on the Worship Team: a Hands-on Workshop

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Rosie Martindale

The Five Hallelujahs - Learning How to Praise from the Psalms

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Dr. Jerry Wyrick

In Search of Messiah:  Narrowing the Search

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Dr. Gene Mayhew


Jerry Wyrick

Dr. Jerry Wyrick

Worship Presenter

Rosemarie Martindale

Rosemarie Martindale

Art Presenter

Dr. Gene Mayhew

Bible Presenter

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