Enjoy a Summer Music Course

Learn the Basics of Music Reading and Writing

Have you dreamed of being a musician but never had the opportunity to pursue that dream. Would you like to understand how music is put together? Do you have a love for music but haven’t had a good opportunity to develop your understanding?

Make Music with Other Instrumentalists

Are you a capable instrumentalist but don’t have a good place to use your skills? Did you love playing your instrument in high school or college but now have no place to use it?

Worship Arts Conservatory Summer Music Courses

Worship Arts Conservatory summer music courses are the solution. Our courses are affordable and online, so they can easily fit into your schedule.

This summer we are offering two music courses:

Elements of Music

An introduction to the fundamentals of music: major and minor scales, key signatures, triads, and simple tonal harmony.

Instrumental Ensemble

Small instrumental ensemble(s) based upon available players. An opportunity to explore ensemble repertoire for specific groups of instruments. An audition is required.

Each of these courses is affordable at only $50 per credit and the instrumental ensemble can be taken for free! The instrumental ensemble course will require 4 onsite rehearsals over the summer plus a concert in July.

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