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Volunteer Opportunities

Look over our volunteer opportunities to see what is a good fit for you. You can click on the various tabs to sort the tasks by time requirement or type of task. Click on a volunteer task to learn more about it.

3 Hours or More per Week

Board Member

Do you have experience that you feel would be helpful for the WAC leadership? Join the WAC board. Help with planning, leadership and fundraising.

Volunteer Director

This is a big task, but maybe your up for it? We would love to have someone help recruit, organize and oversee our volunteers. If you are looking for a leadership challenge, then this is for you.

Church Sponsorship Director

Develop and cultivate relationships with local churches.

Corporate Sponsorship Director

Contact local businesses to invite them to partner with WAC.

Fundraising Banquet Coordinator

Help plan and oversee the annual fundraising banquet.

Grant Writing

Write grant proposals. Research granting organizations to find the right fit. Communicate with granting organizations to find out their requirements, write the grant proposals and follow up as needed.

Two Hours Tasks

Social Media Director

Coordinate all Social Media for WAC. Oversee any volunteers. Plan and Schedule all social media communication. Work to increase engagement and reach.

Vist Local Churches

Visit local churches and drop off brochures. Talk with staff, if possible.

Visit Local Schools and Youth Organizations

Visit local schools and drop off brochures.

Visit Local Businesses
Visit local businesses to drop off our corporate sponsorship brochure. Talk to owner/marketing director if possible. Place posters advertising classes.
Social Media/Blog Writer

Write engaging posts about Christian life, WAC and worship.

Social Media Engagement Creator

Come up with creative posts to increase engagement on our social media pages - surveys, competitions, creative content.

Graphic Artist

Create brochures, posters and other marketing items. Assist with website design.

Web Design

Help design and maintain our website.

College Fair Representative

Represent WAC by standing at our display table during college fairs.

One Hour or Less

Prayer Team

Receive a weekly prayer list. Spend time each week praying for WAC.

Call Local Churches

Call local churches to make sure they know about WAC. Schedule meeting with president and/or permission to drop off brochures.

Call Leads

Make phone calls to people who have shown interest in WAC.

Call Students

Call current students to see if everything is going well for them. Ask for prayer requests.

Call Local Schools

Call local schools. Update our info on counselors. See if you can set up a meeting with President.


Take picture of WAC activities - teachers, students, classes, concerts, meetings, etc.

Lead Follow Up

Follow up on people who have shown interest in WAC. Use various means to contact leads - email, messaging, text, phone calls.


Help keep our Quickbooks account up to date and print monthly reports for board meetings.


Oversee the billing process for student tuition.


Oversee the disbursement of student scholarships.

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