Lighting Design Diploma

The Lighting Design Diploma is a 68 credit hour program designed to lay a solid foundation for doing lighting design.

Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Staff – Worship Lighting Director
  • Lay Ministry – Worship Lighting Director, Media Team Member
  • Other – Theater Lighting Director

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Be well rounded in General Studies including Communication, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Culture and Logic
  • Have a solid understanding of lighting technology and the knowledge of how to use each in a worship service or theater setting.

It is designed for those seeking part-time employment in church ministry.  Those seeking to enter full-time Christian ministry are encouraged to obtain a 4 year degree in worship.

General Education – 22 credits hours

COM-110 Public Presentation

3 credit hours

An introduction to the theory and practice of making an effective oral presentation. Learn how to select material, arrange and deliver an effective speech. Consideration will also be given to creative elements used to support the effective communication such as visual aids, video, etc.

COM-120 English Composition I

3 credit hours

A foundation for college-level writing.  Students will learn how to read carefully, write effective arguments, understand the writing process, engage with others' ideas, cite accurately, and craft powerful prose.

Gen-110 Everyday Mathematics

3 credit hours

Explore applications of mathematics to everyday situations. Special emphasis will be given to application of math to artistic and ministry situations.

TEC-110 Introduction to Worship Technology

3 credit hours

An introduction to the technology necessary for an effective worship service, including sound, lighting and video. Both analog and digital technology will be explored.

GEN-160 Introduction to Fine Arts

3 credit hours

Introduction to the fundamental principles of the Fine Arts—Visual Arts, Music, Theater and Dance—in order to increase appreciation of the importance of the fine arts to the individual, Christian ministry and community.

GEN-210 Science and Theology of Creativity

3 credit hours

An introduction to the psychology of creativity and innovation in problem solving, science, invention, and the arts. An overview of the basic topics that have been in the forefront of the scientific study of creativity. Learn why creativity is not a mysterious property possessed by only few individuals, but a product of ordinary cognitive processes that are shared by all human beings.

Gen-170 Cultural Understanding

2 credit hours

This course addresses cultural self-awareness and cross-cultural competence for building healthy relationships within diverse communities. Students gain basic principles and skills for researching and interacting among diverse cultural and social groups and the role of the gospel in bringing about transformation in cultural settings. 

GEN-220 Introduction to Logic

3 credit hours

A survey of traditional logic, including classical and contemporary logic.  Special emphasis is given to the structure of arguments, the nature of language, and the logic of reasoning. Learn how to distinguish good arguments from bad.

Bible Core Classes – 18 credit hours

MIN-110 Spiritual Foundations

3 credit hours

A study of the disciplines and practices that help a person develop a growing and dynamic relationship with God. Learn and practice a variety of disciplines that have helped Christians throughout the ages draw closer to God.

BIL-110 New Testament Survey

3 credit hours

A survey of the literature and interpretation of the New Testament. Attention will be given to the central themes, and the authorship, date, setting, theme, purpose, structure and general content of each book. The life of Christ, history of the church and impact of the Apostle Paul will also be highlighted.

BIL-120 Old Testament Survey

3 credit hours

A survey of the literature and interpretation of the Old Testament. Attention will be given to the central themes, and the authorship, date, setting, theme, purpose, structure and general content of each book.

BIL-130 Bible Study Methods

3 credit hours

Study the basic principles and methods of Bible study. Procedures are learned for the careful observation, analysis and interpretation of the text.

THE-210 Theology I

3 credit hours

An introduction to the doctrines of the Christian faith with an emphasis on those that are accepted by all evangelical denominations especially as evidenced by the creeds of the faith.

THE-220 Worship Theology

3 credit hours

A study of the biblical, historical, practical and theological foundations of Christian worship. Students will develop a philosophy of worship based upon the tradition of the church yet relevant to today’s culture.

General Technology - 9 credit hours

TEC-101 Introduction to Electronic Media

3 credit hours

An exploration of the history, structure, function, economics, content and evolution of electronic media and technology, including radio, television, film and the internet.

TEC-120 A/V Technical Production

3 credit hours

An exploration of the basics of Audio/Video Technical production. Learn about system design and the audio and visual support necessary for typical environments.

TEC-290 Technology Practicum

3 credit hours

Apply technology in a real-world setting. Build practical skill and gain experience through work in a professional setting. Church or para-church ministry settings will be given priority.

Communication - 5 credit hours

COM-101 Introduction to Theater
2 credit hoursAn introduction to the dramatic arts by examining the history, terminology and basic techniques of the theater.
COM-260 Stage Construction and Design I

3 credit hours

The fundamentals of scenic construction are explored.  Students examine and work with a variety of building materials and tools but especially with lumber.  Sound structural techniques are presented.  Students are introduced to the organization, procurement, and construction of stage properties.  They learn about furniture from different eras.  They also learn the basics of carving, molding, and casting. 

Lighting - 8 credit hours

TEC-220 Lighting Technology
3 credit hoursA study of the technology of both standard and automatic lighting. Study the history, design and concepts used by the lighting technician from early equipment to modern DMX controlled automatic systems. Prerequisite: TEC-110.
TEC-225 Lighting Techniques

3 credits

An overview of the principles, techniques, and tools for lighting a variety of situations. Learn how to use a wide range of lighting equipment and accessories. Prerequisite: TEC-110.

TEC-227 Light Lab

2 credit hours

Practical application of Lighting techniques and technology. Prerequisites: TEC-220 and TEC-225

TEC-320 Production Lighting

3 credit hours

Assist in lighting design and control for student and local events. Prerequisite: TEC-225.

TEC-340 LIghting Design I

3 credit hours

This course covers techniques of designing lighting for various stage forms, creative planning and projection of designs for specific productions. Covered are the fundamentals of learning how to see, exploring the mind's eye, and painting with light. Translating theatrical moments and music into lighting sketches, storyboards, and atmospheres, transitions from one atmosphere to another, and developing points of view and approaches are also studied. Prerequisites: TEC-220 and TEC-225