Children’s Worship Advanced Diploma

The Children's Worship Advanced Diploma is a 128 credit hour program in our School of Worship that is equivalent to an college degree in children's worship. It is designed to lay a solid foundation for leading a children's worship program in a local church.

For our two year program see our Children's Worship Diploma.

For our one year program go to our Children's Worship Certificate or see our Degree Paths.

Children's Worship Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Children's Director
  • Children's Worship Director
  • Children's Choir Director

No Debt Worship Major

Our tuition is $200 per credit, so your annual cost (based on 24 credits) is only $4,800. All students receive a Vanguard Scholarship of $100 per credit, reducing your annual tuition to only $2,400. The total cost for the Children's Worship Advanced Diploma is $12,800 + fees and books.

A Children's Worship Degree is only available at a private christain college so compare our tuition to the national average private non-profit four year college tuition of over $30,000. We believe we are the most affordable option for college level worship training.

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Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Be well rounded in General Studies.
  • Understand music theory.
  • Have the skills necessary to lead a church worship ministry.


General Education – 44 credits hours

Technology requirement: Introduction to Worship Technology - 3 credit hours

Bible Core Classes – 18 credit hours

General Music – 18 credit hours

Music Theory I – 3 credit hours
Ear Training I – 1 credit hour
Music Theory II – 3 credit hours
Ear Training II – 1 credit hour
Music Theory III – 3 credit hours
Ear Training III – 1 credit hour
Music History I – 3 credit hours
Music History II – 3 credit hours

Performance – 29 credit hours

Voice Class – 2 credit hours
Guitar Class – 2 credit hours
Piano Class – 2 credit hours
Ensemble Credits – 2 credit hours
select from any MUS-240 or MUS-250 class
Chamber Music - 4 credit hours
select from any MUS-245 Instrumental Ensembles or MUS-250 (CS)
Contemporary Worship Ensemble – 1 credit hour
Choral Conducting – 3 credit hours
Instrumental Conducting – 3 credit hours
Applied Study I – 2 credit hours
Applied Study II – 2 credit hours
Applied Study III – 2 credit hours

Worship – 16 credit hours

Worship Music History - 2 credits
Children's Worship - 3 credit hours
Children's Worship Literature – 2 credit hours
Worship Administration – 2 credit hours
Worship Internship – 4 credit hours
Worship Elective – 2-3 credit hours

Children – 3 credit hours

Child Development – 3 credit hours