Video/Film Diploma

The Video/Film Diploma is a 71 credit hour program designed to lay a solid foundation in video and film production.

Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Staff – Video Director
  • Lay Ministry – Video Director, Media Team Member
  • Other – Videographer

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Be well rounded in General Studies including Communication, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Culture and Logic
  • Understand the principles of good communication.
  • Have the skills to produce quality videos.

It is designed for those seeking part-time employment.  Those seeking full-time employment are encouraged to obtain a 4 year degree.

General Education – 22 credits hours

Required Technology: TEC-110 Introduction to Worship Technology

Bible Core Classes – 18 credit hours

Communication - 13 credit hours

COM-210 Communication Theory

3 credit hours

Study the basic concepts, models and theories concerning the role of communication in human behavior. Connect theory to practice in a variety of contexts: interpersonal, group and organizational communication.

COM-220 Rhetoric

4 credit hours

An introduction to rhetorical theory and practice. A historical overview of the classical foundations of Western rhetorical theory with and emphasis on Greek and Roman contributions. Learn to apply theoretical theories and principles to contemporary issues.

COM-310 Storytelling

3 credit hours

Study the history and application of storytelling. Practical instruction in the art of storytelling as it relates to numerous fields. Learn how to become more imaginative and confident storytellers and communicators in a wide variety of settings.

COM-290 Communication Practicum
3 credit hoursApply communication in a real-world setting. Build practical skill and gain experience through work in a professional setting. Church or para-church ministry settings will be given priority.

Technology - 15 credit hours

TEC-101 Introduction to Electronic Media

3 credit hours

An exploration of the history, structure, function, economics, content and evolution of electronic media and technology, including radio, television, film and the internet.

TEC-120 A/V Technical Production

3 credit hours

An exploration of the basics of Audio/Video Technical production. Learn about system design and the audio and visual support necessary for typical environments.

TEC-230 Film and Video Production I

3 credit hours

Study the three phases of video production. Learn the fundamental of video technology and production. Prerequisite: TEC-110.

TEC-260 Film and Video Production II

3 credit hours

A workshop course that builds upon the basic skills introduced in Film and Video Production I to further develop storytelling abilities through video with an emphasis on effective collaboration. Prerequisite: TEC-230
TEC-330 Film and Video Production III

3 credit hours

Students will work in groups to produce a narrative or documentary short that approaches professional quality. Prerequisite: TEC-260

Art - 3 credit hours

ART-230 Digital Imagery

3 credit hours

An introduction to photography. Provides foundational instruction in digital based photographic imagery. Learn to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of composition, light, color and visual impact.