Fine Arts Diploma

The Fine Arts Diploma is a 66 credit hour program designed to lay a solid foundation in the visual arts.

Career and Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Staff – Visual Media Director
  • Lay Ministry – Media Team Member, Worship Planning Team Member
  • Other – Freelance Artist

Program Goals

Upon graduation, the student will

  • Have a general knowledge of the Bible and its doctrines.
  • Understand how to develop a growing relationship with God, in Christ, through the Spirit.
  • Be well rounded in General Studies including Communication, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Culture and Logic
  • Understand the foundational skills of an artist.
  • Have 2nd year college level skills in fine arts.

General Education – 22 credits hours

Required Technology: ART-220 Introduction to Computer Graphics

Bible Core Classes – 18 credit hours


Art Foundations – 14 credit hours

ART-101 Introduction to the Visual Arts

2 credit hours

An introduction to the theory, practice and language of visual arts. The class will focus on how art communicates, how to analyze and interpret it and how it is a reflection of the culture that produced it.

ART-110 Drawing I

3 credit hours

An introduction to basic observational drawing concepts: line, space, form and perspective. Gain awareness and skills to create on paper what your eye sees.

ART-115 Drawing II
A continuation of the skills learned in Drawing I. Students will be introduced to the human figure drawings, contour, gesture and long term assignments. They will explore and practice with a variety of media (graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, ink, sharpies, etc.) Prerequisite: ART-110
ART-210 Design I

3 credit hours

An introduction to the abstract elements of line, texture, shape, space, color, values and patterns. Employ basic media techniques and tools with emphasis on craftsmanship.

ART-230 Digital Imagery

3 credit hours

An introduction to photography. Provides foundational instruction in digital based photographic imagery. Learn to plan and produce digital images that demonstrate an understanding of composition, light, color and visual impact. Prerequisite: ART-110.

Fine Arts – 12 credit hours

ART-270 Color Theory

3 credit hours

The practical application of the color theories, focusing on the interaction and relativity of color. Explore the psychological aspects of color, personal preference and historical and symbolic meanings of color. Gain a basic and practical understanding of mixing color, handling paint and artist materials. Learn how to utilize and apply color to your artmaking practice in a coherent, interesting and insightful manner.
ART-290 Art Practicum

3 credit hours

Apply visual art in a real-world setting. Build practical skill and gain experience through work in a professional setting. Church or para-church ministry settings will be given priority.

ART-310 Painting I

3 credit hours

Learn to use a wide variety of painting materials, media and methods. Develop the fundamental tools and techniques of painting. Prerequisite: ART-110.

ART-320 Sculpture I

3 credit hours

Introduction to the basic tools, processes and safety practices in the creation of sculptural ideas. Learn how to best display and present your work through class critiques and exhibition. Prerequisite: ART-110, ART-210