Your Career in Worship Starts Now

Four Paths to Becoming a Worship Leader

People who want to serve God through worship leadership tend to take one of three paths. Do you see yourself in one of these?

1. Do It Yourself

The "Do It Yourself" path involves personal practice, YouTube videos, jamming with friends, playing in a band and possibly taking some private lessons. Over time you hope to become good enough to lead worship in a local church or maybe start a band. This is a tough path. You are mostly on your own and it is hard to know what you need to learn. Are you sure you are learning everything you need to know? Are you gaining a solid foundation in Music Theory? How about your spiritual life and Biblical knowledge? Are you learning about the leadership and administrative side of worship? WAC Internship Program is comprehensive and you don't have to do it on your own.

2. College Degree

A college degree is a great way to prepare for your future. You have a clear path and people to help you. Of course, it also costs a lot of money, four or five years of study and doesn't always give you the practical, hands-on experience you need. The average college graduate is deeply in debt but the average starting pay for a worship leader is not very high. The WAC Internship Program gets you into ministry immediately and is significantly less expensive than college but yet includes college-level courses to make sure you are well prepared for ministry.

3. Dream

Some people simply dream about serving God full time but never really take any solid steps toward their dream. Not sure where to start? Consider WAC Internship Program.

We believe there is a better way.

Worship Arts Conservatory Internship Program

WAC Internship Program is a comprehensive program that combines an internship in a local church, with college courses in music, Bible and worship and adds a scholarship to help cover the training costs. Our internship program includes a list of key skills you are required to master and practice in a real-life worship ministry so that you can develop confidence in your leadership skills.

Your Internship

Our Worship Internship Program will immerse you in an environment designed to develop your skills and and give you confidence in worship. As an intern, you will be given real-world leadership responsibilities that impact the effectiveness of each Sunday's worship. You’ll also participate in college-level classroom training that can be transferred to a growing number of colleges. Become a skilled and confident Worship Leader by joining our internship program.

  • New internship opportunities are available every term (Fall, Winter, Summer)
  • Earn college credits while working in a worship ministry
  • Comprehensive list of skill you master while doing your internship
  • Internship are 8-10 hours of hands on training plus 6 or more hours of college classroom training per week
  • High School age and older may apply

Imagine Yourself as a Full Time Worship Leader

Begin your career as a worship leader today.

Join Worship Arts Conservatory's Worship Internship Program.

We'd love to help you become a skilled and confident worship leader. Let us know a little about yourself and we will get back to you soon. If there are any other details you would like us to know, please put them in the message.

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Become skilled and knowledgeable in music, the Bible and worship. Our internship program takes you much deeper than simply helping in a church worship program.  We immerse you in a comprehensive program designed to develop mature Christian adults who are trained and skilled in their area of discipline.

  • Character - Your Christian maturity will grow under the guidance of your faculty advisor and local church leader
  • Concepts - Your understanding of worship and music will deepen through college-level courses in music, Bible and worship
  • Competence - Your skills will be enhanced through practical, hands-on experience in leading worship each Sunday.

College Training

All interns receive a scholarship for $1,200-$1,500 per term to attend Worship Arts Conservatory and are required to take at least 6 credits of courses.  You will be taking in-depth courses in worship and music that will significantly improve your understanding and skill in music, worship and God's word. Courses include:

  • Worship Theology
  • Systematic Theology
  • Music Theory
  • Voice Class
  • Worship Band Techniques
  • Spiritual Foundations
  • and more


Serve in a church while you study. Gain practical experience by helping lead worship in a local church every Sunday. Help with a variety of practical and leadership tasks such as:

  • Play or sing in the worship band
  • Help select and prepare music
  • Assist in service planning
  • Lead or assist in leading the worship rehearsals
  • and more